• argon : A go library for interfacing with the Argon Fan HAT
  • enviropi : App to deal with a Pimoroni Enviro RPi Hat. Most notably, this sends data to MQTT
  • fanshim : an app / container to manage the pimoroni fanshim on a raspberry pi
  • ghch : Generate changelogs from github PRs
  • go-sbs : a parser for SBS-1 CSV format data otherwise known as “SBS-1 BaseStation Port 30003” format
  • Gremlin Configs : Duet3D configuration files for a 3d printer loosely based on the Tevo Little Monster
  • icecast-now-playing : Grabs icecast metadata from an audio stream and dumps out the stream title
  • QMK Userspace : my QMK keyboard configurations, including keymaps
  • SBS HTTP : an HTTP server that presents dump1090 data in the “standard” JSON format


These repos tend to be under very permissive licenses. The truth is that they're all personal side projects and are not typically under active development. Do not expect professional-grade support for these hobby projects. If you have patches, feel free to send me email but I make no promise as to when I'll respond. But, if the terms of the repo allow it, feel free to fork the code and do your thing.